Glass Backpainting


Back painted glass creates a product that out lasts most architectural products such as tiles and laminates. It doesn't allow mold or bacteria to form, it is water proof/resistant and it is very easy to clean since it is non porous.

backpainted glass

Back Painted Glass is simply glass that is painted from the back side of the glass. Back Painted Glass is ideal solution for residential and commercial applications. It is wonderful material to use as a backsplash in your kitchen or bathroom.

backpainted glass

Back Painted Glass walls and enclosures are also very popular. We use Starphire Glass, which is also known by brand name Low Iron Glass, as a main source for producing Back Painted Glass. Starphire Glass is ultra-clear so the color you specify is the color you see.

Bear Glass company that is located in Brooklyn NY is a 4th generation glaziers specializing in Back Painted Glass. Bear Glass gives you the best of all worlds: sophisticated style, a variety of applications, fast and simple installation, rugged durability, easy cleanup, and an endless choice of colors. Bear Glass can match any color you want for your Back Painted Glass needs.


Back Painted Glass Uses