Clarvista Glass


You can't tell by looking at it, or even by touching it, but glass is a surprisingly porous material at the microscopic level. Repeated exposure to the kind of heat, humidity and cleaning products that you'd find in a bathroom can cause corrosion. This corrosion can cause ordinary glass to change appearance –making your glass shower look cloudy. Even some products designed to guard against this corrosion still degrade over time.

clarvista glass

Bear Glass Clarvista® Glass has a coating, fused to the glass, sealing the glass surface to provide a protective barrier. The coating withstands the high temperatures required to thermally temper (strengthen) glass to meet safety codes for shower enclosures. Which is why, with regular maintenance, shower enclosures built with any of the available varieties of Clarvista® glass can keep their "like new" look longer.

clarvista glass

Features of Clarvista®


Clarvista® Glass should follow basic cleaning and maintenance guidelines: