Dreamwalls Marble Glass


Dreamwalls Marble Glass is an exciting product that combines the simple practicality of glass with the natural beauty of stone and marble.

dreamwalls marble glass

Dreamwalls Marble Glass can be used nearly anywhere marble, granite, wood, cultured marble, glass, acrylic or other synthetics or metal can be used. Glass is no more fragile than most natural stone or marble and is non-porous, requiring no additional sealing or periodic maintenance.

dreamwalls marble glass

With all of the beautiful stone and marble styles available, we can create sizes up to a maximum of 60 in. x 130 in. Minimum sizes are
4 in. X 4 in.

Used as shower walls, back splashes, countertops, and decorative wall elements, this product can be used almost anywhere that real marble and stone can be used,…at a fraction of the price.

We offer full fabrication such as: annealed (standard), tempering, laminating, safety-backing, hole-drilling, custom shapes, and finishing edge work.

Dreamwalls Marble Glass is available using ultra-clear glass as the substrate In thickness ranging from 1/8 in. (3mm) to 3/4 in (18mm).

dreamwalls marble glass

Dreamwalls Marble Glass can be created with clean-cut edges or an arris edge. Thicker versions (1/2" and up) can have more complex edge work, such as bevels or waterfall edges, applied. Bullnose or similar styles of edge works are not good options due to the nature of the backing artwork.


Perfect For Commercial Buildings

Perfect For Kitchens/Bathrooms

Perfect For Retail/Hospitality Environments