Glass Edgework


Edgework is the process of shaping your glass edges. Bear Glass has the finest machines and crafts men to do the edgeworks that meets your standard. We offer the following standard edgeworks. If you want a custom edgework for your piece of glass or mirror, please contact us. Remember we do everything in Glass and Mirror.

edgework on glass

Machines for Glass Edge work in Our Factories:

At Bear Glass we constantly upgrade. We are adding new machines to our arsenal of glass machines every day.

SB10 Bavelloni Shape Beveller:

Edging and Beveling Machine

Bavelloni SB10 Shaped edging and beveling machine. Designed for edge execution with various profiles and bevel work on shaped or straight glass, sheets without using a template.

Bavelloni Max60:

Beveling Edging Machine

Glass Straight-Line Beveling Edging Machine is used for grinding the inclined plane, hemline and chamfer of the plate glass in different size and thickness. The rough and fine grinding and polishing can be done at one time.

MV9 Mitering Machine:

Mitering Edging Machine

Glass Edgework Machine. Famous for its perfection. We use this super machine to do the edgework for your Glass and Mirror order.


Bear Glass offers the following Edgeworks: