Frameless Showerdoor


A single frameless shower door beckons one into a sleek tile or rustic, stone room, illuminating the walled enclosure with light. It's the simplest upgrade to increase value and a touch of luxury.

frameless showerdoor

Frameless shower enclosures from Bear Glass bring the ultimate in luxury to any bathroom, and represent the latest in bathroom design. Here is a quick analogy test for you: a plasma TV is to a living room, as a Viking range is to a kitchen, as what is to a bathroom? If you guessed frameless glass shower doors, you guessed right! (Well, maybe it's not exactly the perfect analogy, but you get the point.)

frameless showerdoor

Enter frameless glass shower doors. Frameless shower doors do exactly what the name implies: they eliminate the need for metal framing entirely. These doors are made from tempered glass ranging from 3/8" to 1/2" thick, making the door sturdy and structurally sound, independent of any metal framing. Maximizing the use of glass and minimizing the use of metal adds light to the bathroom overall, creating a more open, inviting look. But beyond opening up a tight space, these enclosures add elegance and style to a room that is all-too-often overlooked.

We want you to shop with the confidence of knowing that Bear Glass offers a comprehensive, straightforward warranty on all glass shower doors sold and installed by our technicians for a period of three years.


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