Glue Chipping on Glass


Glue Chip Glass is a specialty Art Glass. Bear Glass is an expert n glue chipping. Glue chip glass is a texture that looks like frost during the winter or fern like pattern on a window pane.

glue chip glass

Glue chip glass technique can be used with clear or tinted glass as well as mirrors. If extra strength is needed it may also be tempered.

Glue chipped glass is glass that has been etched and covered in warm, wet hide glue. As the glue cools, it attaches to the rough glass. As it dries, it shrinks and rips thin shards off the surface in a fern-like random pattern.

glue chip glass

Many windows and doors use this technique to add elegance to its environment. It has been used occasionally in signs and in stained glass windows since the early 20th century. Glue chip special properties allows every design to be different, giving a uniqueness to every piece of glass or mirror.

Why Choose Bear Glass for Your Glue Chipped Glass

We stock the largest variety of flat glass in a variety of sizes and color, customizing your glue chip glass. Alongside of glue chipping we can also fabricate your glass to your needs, from cutting to beveling and more and all this for a very competitive price, making Bear Glass your one stop solution for all of your glass need.


Uses Of Glue Chipped Glass