OptiWhite GlassTM


The use of glass in architecture and design is becoming more and more prevalent, and Pilkington OptiwhiteTM is at the very forefront of making it possible.

optiwhite glass

The reason for this is the sheer variety of benefits which Pilkington OptiwhiteTM can offer, making it an excellent choice for a wide range of applications. Pilkington OptiwhiteTM is an extra-clear, low-iron float glass; it is practically colourless, and the green cast inherent to other glasses is not present.

optiwhite glass

Bear Glass is proud to offer Pilkington OptiwhiteTM Low Iron Float Glass. We feel that by offering this product line we are able to offer the clear choice when it comes to colorless float glass.Why do we say this?Pilkington OptiwhiteTM Float Glass virtually eliminates the green cast inherent in standard float glass, particularly noticeable in thicker glasses.When true color is of paramount importance, Pilkington OptiwhiteTM Float Glass is the perfect solution.

Pilkington OptiwhiteTM provides the perfect solution for a wide variety of applications.

Pilkington OptiwhiteTM is therefore ideal for Interior and Exterior glazing, as well as for Furniture (glass tables etc..) and other applications, Backpainted glass, Mirrors where glass is used as a design feature.

Interior Glazing Application

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Interior glazing is increasingly popular in commercial and residential buildings, in order to allow natural light to fload throughout the building or as a design feature. For safety reasons, the glass used for interior glazing (e.g., glass doors, glass stairs, glass partitions) is frequently toughened or laminated.

Exterior Glazing Application

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Pilkington OptiwhiteTM brings to exterior glazing, it is the perfect choice for facades. It can be combined with other Pilkington Low-E products to achieve solar control, such as Pilkington Solar-ETM and Pilkington Eclipse AdvantageTM. When used in shop fronts, it enhances true colors and allows maximum light transmission, even in thicker laminated combinations. In domestic windows, Pilkington OptiwhiteTM maximizes passive solar gain to reduce the need for heating during cool sunny days.

Furniture & Other Application

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In applications such as display cabinets, the high light transmittance of Pilkington OptiwhiteTM allows for a true representation of the potentially high-value products inside. Its inherent ability to make colors appear brighter also means that Pilkington OptiwhiteTM provides an exceptional base glass for tiles, splash-backs and furniture doors, and gives more accurate colour definition when used as a mirror base.


OptiwhiteTM Glass Benefits


OptiwhiteTM Glass Applications